Cool Roofing Products: Protecting Your Roof from the Elements

If you think about the roof that protects your business, you may realize that it is under constant assault by the elements. Wind, sun, rain and snow—each of these elements can potentially affect the integrity of your roof. Different roofing materials have different abilities to resist different natural elements, but there are things you can do to enhance their effectiveness as well. Thermo Manufacturing can provide you with cool roofing products to help provide this protection.

Wind Damage

When most people talk about wind damage to a roof, they’re talking about catastrophic events like tornadoes and hurricanes; however, these are not the only wind threats your roof faces. An errant gust of wind on a normal windy day can lift a loose panel on a metal roof or tear up a shingle on a traditional asphalt roof. That same wind gust could also knock loose a branch on a nearby tree and cause it to fall and damage the roof.

The first step to protecting the roof of your business from wind damage is to inspect it regularly. Check to be sure that fasteners and seams on a metal roof are tight, and that flashing is secure on any type of roof. Remove branches that are close enough to hit the roof with a wind gust and remove overhanging branches that don’t look healthy.

Sun Damage

The sun beats down relentlessly on a roof, often for eight to twelve hours per day. The heat generated by this activity can push roofing materials to the breaking (or melting) point. Many cool roofing products like reflective fluid applied membrane systems from Thermo Manufacturing are designed to reflect the heat and reduce heat-related strain on roofing materials. As an added benefit, these roofing products can also reduce the amount of heat that radiates down to the building below.

Water Damage

The old saying is that “Water always wins.” This is especially true on a roof, where the slightest imperfection can cause water from rain or melting snow to pool and eventually seep through into your business. Ponding water issues are a structural or drainage issue. After corrective action is taken, a roof can benefit from the seamless monolithic surface provided by our systems.