Waterproof Roof Coating: Caring for an Industrial Metal Roof

Metal roofs have always been popular for industrial buildings because of their durability. These roofs can last longer than roofs made of other materials and also require less maintenance. While this is certainly a win-win situation, less maintenance does not mean no maintenance.

A metal roof may experience seams popping open, fasteners popping out or even rust over time. There are a few things you can do to keep your metal roof in top shape, some requiring just a little effort and others requiring the application of high quality products from Thermo Manufacturing, such as a waterproof roof coating.

Keep Your Roof Clean

While metal roofs are not as fragile as asphalt or tar roofs, they can still be dented and scratched. Each dent or scratch creates an opportunity for a more serious problem like a puncture, loose fastener or corrosion. Debris on a roof like branches, twigs and leaves can create these dents and scratches. Removing them with a broom or long-handled brush can help protect your roof.

If your metal roof happens to have gutters, keeping those clean is also important. A clogged gutter can cause water to pool on the roof, which can speed up the process of corrosion or cause leaks.

Keep the Area Around Your Roof Clean

While debris on your roof can cause problems, so can objects near your roof. If there is an overhanging branch close enough to constantly rub on your metal roof every time the wind blows, that constant wear will eventually damage the metal. Trimming these branches can help prolong the life of your roof.

Sealing Your Metal Roof

Periodically, treating or re-sealing a metal roof can either fix problems or prevent them. While simply applying a waterproof roof coating can help, the most effective treatment is to use a multi-step process.

At Thermo Manufacturing our metal roof restoration system consists of applying a rust treatment, if needed. Drains and seams are sealed with flashing mastic and reinforcement fabric, followed by giving the entire roof a base coat and finishing coat of waterproof roof coating.

Some of the products Thermo Manufacturing utilizes to help with this process include Thermolene® Coatings and Thermolastic® Coatings.

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