Hypalon is a membrane-based and reinforced synthetic rubber which is also known as CSPE (chlorosulfonated polyethylene). Hypalon roof systems are a single ply system and offer better chemical resistance and UV stability than other single ply systems. The expected service life of a Hypalon system is around 17 years. This system offers only a single layer of protection. Reduction in service life can be caused by several issues: ponding water and its effects on the laps and seams are detrimental to the system; and, as with EPDM roofs, Hypalon roofs are also prone to shrinkage which allows the laps and seams to become a source of water infiltration.

Thermo Manufacturing can provide a long-term, sustainable solution for difficult roofing conditions. The links below cover our standard recommended systems for Hypalon roofs.

If actual project conditions are such as to be outside the scope of the normal waterproofing practices that are referenced in the documents below, steps should be taken to ensure the restoration remains in compliance with nationally recognized waterproofing practices such as those found in the National Roofing Contractors Association Manual. If the system is applied according to our published specification and guideline, and after successfully passing a final inspection, and then accepted by Thermo Manufacturing Systems, LLC, the system would qualify for the specified warranty.

Each document below is intended as a Scope of Work and as such is written in a general manner.

Contact us for details regarding warranty application documentation requirements and a warranty fee schedule.