Maintaining the integrity of a roof is the key to protecting the building structure and interior contents.

As each building is unique, Thermo Manufacturing provides different fluid-applied reflective membrane systems that are customized to the roof type and the needs of the building owner.

When properly installed, fluid-applied membrane systems can:

  • Provide a strong watertight solution
  • Improve reflectivity of a roof’s surface
  • Reduce cooling loads on a building’s interior therefore reducing energy costs
  • Help reduce the “heat island effect” by reducing ambient air temperatures
  • Protect the roof substrate from additional weathering and/or oxidation and extend the life of the building’s roof
  • Provide minimal business disruption during application
  • Improve aesthetics of visible roof areas
  • Have less of an impact on landfills than traditional re-roofing projects

Thermo Manufacturing can provide commercial roof repair and restoration solutions for almost any type of existing roof system.