Roof Projects - Thermo Manufacturing Roofed in 1957 with Thermo roofing CompoundThermolastic® Cold Process Roofing System

Thermo Manufacturing Systems has been on the leading edge of the roofing and waterproofing industry since 1948, delivering quality state-of-the-art fluid-applied reflective membrane systems.

Thermo Manufacturing provides waterproofing and energy-efficient roof solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. We use only the highest quality components to manufacture high-performance, time-tested products, for waterproofing roofs, walls, and floors, in our centrally located facility in Lindale, TX. We also manufacture a complete line of accessories to effectively seal the building envelope, many of which are UV stable.

Thermo Manufacturing Systems was founded in 1948 in San Diego, CA, where the first Thermo Materials® were manufactured. Our innovative elastomeric coating, Thermolastic® Super Prep®, was introduced 20 years later and is still in production today. Over the years, additional products were introduced including the production of mastics and sealants in 1976. In the 80’s, as cold process roofing became popular, Thermo developed #404 SEBS Modified Emulsion. Full production operated in Chandler, AZ, from 1991 until Thermo made the decision to relocate to Lindale, TX, in 2001. This enabled Thermo to be more centrally located for easy shipping to the 48 contiguous states. We continue to research, formulate, test, and introduce additional products to meet changing technology and roofing needs.

Thermo is committed to offering high quality fluid-applied reflective membrane systems, Thermo Materials®, which provide a strong waterproof and energy-efficient solution for commercial installation. We provide full service support from pre-bid to final inspection on each project. Our focus is to provide support in managing each project to increase both productivity and profits. Additionally, our systems are eco-friendly, sustainable roof and building restoration solutions.

Every building is unique. Thermo Materials® provides a variety of fluid-applied reflective membrane systems that can be customized to meet specific needs. We work with the building owner, consultant and engineer to evaluate the system requirements. We also provide qualified contractors for installation, and offer support and service beyond the life of the roof.

Our goal, as a manufacturer, is to maintain our highest standards through production and to react immediately to requests for shipment of our product. We are committed to providing superior customer service and personal attention to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Thermo Manufacturing Systems is a Charter Partner of the Energy Star Roof Products Program awarded in 1999. We currently have products listed with Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and approvals with UL and Miami-Dade County. Thermo Manufacturing Systems is a leader in promoting energy savings for low-sloped roofing on commercial buildings.

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