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» Mastics & Sealants for Thermolene® Systems
» Mastics & Sealants for Thermocone Systems

Mastics and Sealants are used in Thermo Manufacturing’s systems to fill gaps, cracks, and provide a barrier at seams, penetrations and transition points to prevent moisture from entering the roof system or building envelope.

Mastics are generally used for filling gaps and sealing seams, penetrations and transitions. The mastic application can be reinforced by 3-coursing with polyester to prevent cracking when movement of the building is created by contraction and expansion.

Sealants are typically used on fasteners and vertical seams with minimal gap where reinforcement is not required.

Thermo Manufacturing makes a complete line of Mastics and Sealants specifically designed for each of our fluid-applied membrane systems.

Thermolastic® Mastics & Sealants

Thermo Manufacturing provides Thermolastic® mastic and sealants specifically designed for our Thermolastic® coating systems. Our selection of Thermolastic® mastics and sealants includes:

  • Thermolastic® T-60
  • Thermolastic® Acrylic Sealant
  • Thermolastic® Fibrated Mastic
  • Thermo Tape

Thermolene® Mastics & Sealants

Our Thermolene® mastic and sealants are specifically designed to be compatible with our Thermolene® coating systems. The selection of Thermolene® mastics and sealants includes:

  • Thermolene® SEBS Mastic
  • Thermolene® SEBS Sealant
  • Thermolene® SEBS DSG Sealant
  • Thermolene® SEBS Pitch Pan
  • Thermo Tape
  • Wet-Seal
  • Thermocone Mastics & Sealants

Thermocone Mastics & Sealants

The Thermocone mastics and sealants are specifically designed to be compatible with our Thermocone coating systems. Our selection of Thermocone mastics and sealants includes:

  • Thermocone THS