Our Resource Center provides a single source to access information ranging from specifications to a roof dictionary. This toolbox provides information that is needed to specify Thermo Materials®, prepare bids, order, apply and warrant Thermo Materials® on your project. Thermo staff is available to assist with questions, price quotes and technical information.

Listed under Technical Data are pages with Guide Specifications in both CSI format and Scope of Work format. Additionally, Detailed Drawings, Sealant Coverage rates, Equipment suggestions, standard Maintenance Requirements, and Thermo Manufacturing Systems Warranty information are on individual pages.

Under Orders & Applications, forms are available for application to become a participating contractor in our warranty program, to apply for credit, and documents required to obtain a warranty for your project. Our purchase order form can be filled in electronically and calculates your order. Just print or save and submit by fax or email.

We have also included a Roof Dictionary page to provide terms that are related to roofing and fluid-applied membranes.