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Tar boils: bubbles of moisture vapor encased in a thin film or bitumen, also known as “blackberries”.

Tear resistance: the load required to tear a material, when the stress is concentrated on a small area of the material by the introduction of a prescribed flaw or notch. Expressed in psi (pounds force) per inch width or kN/m (kilonewton per meter width).

Tensile strength: the strength of a material under tension as distinct from torsion, compression or shear.

Termination: the treatment of method of anchoring and/or sealing the free edges of the membrane if a roofing or waterproofing system.

Test cut: a sample of the roof system or assembly which exposes the roof deck and is used to diagnose the condition of the membrane, evaluate the type and number of plies or number of membranes, or rates of application (e.g., the weight of the average interplay bitumen moppings).

Tie-in: the joining of two different roof systems.

Tie-off: a watertight seal used to terminate roof membranes at system adjuncts, terminations, flashings, or substrates. Can be temporary (see Night seal) or permanent.

Traffic: any roof top activity that can potentially damage the roof surface.

Transitions: when a roof plane ties into another roof plane that has a different pitch or slope.

Tuckpointing: the process of removing deteriorated mortar from an existing masonry joint and troweling new mortar or other filler into the joint.